Saturday, June 11, 2011

Definition of an Amateur

There are some things that just pop in your head and you go with it. The title of this blog is one of those. While I lived under the illusion when I was pregnant that becoming a mommy would not consume me, let's be honest. I was hopeful. Naive. Clearly not understanding as to what the demands of being a mommy would be like, and how it would take over my entire brain.

So, now that I am trying my hand at writing, frequently all I can think of for topics is mommyhood. How to get more sleep as a mommy, keeping the house clean while entertaining my daughter, her development, parenting styles, how not to go crazy while being a mommy, etc. Rarely during the day do I think about politics, romance, travel (except in envy of those that actually still get to travel), making and reaching personal goals, fashion, or other such frivolous things. I do not have cognitive space for those things. Half the time I can't even find my cell phone or remember if I paid this month's bills.

I digress. When the title of this blog popped into my head, I decided to look up the definition of an amateur. According to Merriam Webster (, the third definition of an amateur is "one lacking in the experience and competence of an art or science". Being a mommy is definitely an art rather than a science, and I generally lack experience rather than competence at this art. In any case, the definition confirms that this title was the one that I was going for.

That being said, I do have a few ideas for other posts that may steer away from mommyhood, so I'm hoping that I'm not scaring off all those lucky folks that don't have children. I may gather enough creativity on occasion to talk about my other passions. Cooking. Health. Nutrition. Counseling. Current events. Pets. Arts and crafts. Only time will tell.

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