Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just the Good Stuff

I was super tempted to gripe about some problems challenges I've had this week, but in the spirit of staying positive, let's review the highlights instead:
  • Tuesday we went to Ann Arbor. I had a major dental disaster there, but all in all, it was a fun day.
  • Wednesday my mom came down to Bowling Green to spend the day with Amelia and I. We went to Simpson Gardens, had lunch at Call of the Canyon Cafe, and went to a few shops. Amelia was in pretty good spirits most of the time and slept eleven hours that night, which is a rare thing.
  • Jon got his veteran's bonus check from the state of Ohio. I still think it's complete BS that since he was stationed in Kuwait and not Iraq during his active duty in 2003, he only gets half the amount. Apparently it's not enough that he had to go into Iraq for various missions. Whatever. In any case, it's some extra funds that will come in handy while I'm unemployed. 
  • An impromptu picnic with my dad on Thursday, where Amelia enjoyed her first cucumber. I enjoy all our lunch dates with my dad and am very grateful that I have a good relationship with both my parents. However, there was something about his big smile and laughter when his granddaughter was going to town with that cucumber that brought joy to my heart. I am extra thankful that she has terrific and loving grandparents.
  • I saw my friend's week old daughter yesterday. What a sweet little peanut! I have a friend that is always telling me that you quickly forget what it was like when they are that small, and she wasn't kidding! Amelia seems even closer to toddlerhood now that I've seen her right next to a newborn.
  • As such, I really enjoyed Amelia's bathtime this morning. She got her first tooth this week and it has really been the first milestone that I feel emotional about. It seems like such a big girl thing and the last couple months have really flown by. I am savoring every moment with her more and more. Also, keeping all that in mind is helping me get through the whininess that teething brings, although I have to say that she has not been as bad as I anticipated she'd be.

And an update on our grocery mission: This week has not gone quite as I had planned. I've been too busy to go to any farmer's markets or local produce stands, and our grocery bill last weekend was more than I anticipated. However, I have talked Jon out of running to the store for things we don't need once or twice, and I made some yummy vegetarian dishes (zucchini alfredo and white beans with rigatoni) this week to use up what we already had in the fridge. So, not a perfect week but there were some dietary/monetary victories thrown in there too.

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JAC1961 said...

I've always enjoyed our lunches too and they've even more fun now with Miss Amelia! She certainly did seem to enjoy the cucumber. Glad that you're focusing on the positive.