Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a Day!

It's been one of those days in the Bryant household. One where I think 'OMG this baby is SO annoying, why did I want to be a mommy again?!?' and then ends in 'I am an awful parent, Mommy is SO sorry, Amelia!' 

Why, you ask? Well, the morning began with a trip to her pediatrician to check out her increasingly red and itchy spot on her leg. As I guiltily admitted to the nurse practitioner that the spot appeared, oh, I don't know, almost a month ago and I'm just now bringing her in because it didn't seem to bother her, I also informed her that Amelia seems mildly constipated. I inquired about maybe giving her some prune juice to help rectify the situation (Ha! Rectify! I told you, it's been one of those days.) The NP looked at me, a little concerned and said "Maybe you should try a glycerin suppository. If she really is constipated, it's probably causing some pain or discomfort. Prune juice will take some time to go through her system".

Oh, yes. Just what I want to do. Stick something up my child's butt. 

We left the office with a list of creams and suppositories for her itchy leg and clogged up butt. Halfway to the store, Amelia had fallen asleep, and I certainly wasn't going to wake her before my lunch date with a friend, so I decided to wait until the afternoon.

This was a MISTAKE.

Lunch was nice, with Miss Wiggle Worm shoving her hands in my sandwich and attempting to spill glasses of ice water all over. She was active, but not fussy. We came home, she took a short nap. The day quickly went downhill after that. She cried, she screamed, I texted my husband, begging him to let me mow tonight PLEASE, PLEASE, anything for a break from this child!!! The problem here being that I still had to go to the store. With a screaming child.

I put her up in her crib for a few minutes, so I could go downstairs, cry, brush my hair, and work up my determination to put her in her car seat, regardless of her tears and screaming. Go to Meijer, find the cortizone cream for her eczema, go to the pharmacist's counter to ask about pediatric glycerin suppositories.

"I'm sorry. We don't carry those. Funny, you're the third person to ask today!"

I thought I was going to punch her in the face.

I threw the cortizone cream out of the cart as I stomped down the aisles and out the door. Off to Kroger with an increasingly pissed off child. Luckily they had what we needed, I kept Amelia amused by letting her chew on the box of suppositories and a bag of candy, and bought the rest of my groceries. Went home, completed the task at hand (I won't provide details, let's just say we both handled it very well), and that did the trick. The nurse said Amelia was about 18 pounds, I'm pretty sure that post poop, she is 17.5 lbs. More importantly, she is a happy girl. She promptly nursed, and  took a short evening nap. At just that moment, Jon came in and said "Are you gonna mow, or what?"

No, thanks. I have some pretzel M&M's and a bottle of wine that are calling my name.

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Kristen @ notsodomesticated said...

Gotta say, this is pretty funny. I'm sure it wasn't funny while you were living it, but it's funny to read. Thanks for being so open and honest!! :)