Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day of August: Amateur Updates

Being gone all weekend visiting with family has put me behind on everything, but it was definitely worth it. We went to visit my grandparents and had a terrific time. Amelia did pretty good overall and we enjoyed seeing family and getting out of town for a bit. We followed up this visit with a quick trip to my in-laws Sunday night. However, now my brain is somewhat stuck, turning over and over in my mind what I need to get done: an oil change for my car, give Amelia her bath, apply to two jobs for unemployment (sigh), clean the house, unpack, get groceries, plan dinners for the week, go for a run-- I don't even know where to start. And I certainly can't pick one theme for my post today. So I'll just review everything.

  • The Day of Doom went better-- way better-- than I thought it would. The laughing gas and ipod really did the trick and post root canal I only had to take some motrin once that evening. I still need a cleaning, some cavities to be filled, and the fixed tooth needs to be crowned, but since I tore threw my yearly insurance money, I have to wait till I switch to Jon's insurance in September. I'm happy that I've found a good dentist, though, especially one that is willing to give me nitrous oxide even just for cavities filled. Clearly, he takes my anxiety seriously. Maybe because I almost passed out while he was doing my novocaine shots. Hey, when I said I have anxiety issues, I wasn't kidding.
  • Amelia still has one lonely tooth and has not chomped me further. She must have taken my threats of switching her to formula seriously. Meanwhile, she is working at mobility but has too much genetic impatience to really perfect crawling. She mostly plants her face into the carpet after wiggling her butt around, and then starts whining and grunting. This is her "pick me up, damn it, so I can practice walking" sound. She can also roll across our bed in about five seconds so this is no longer a safe place for her unless I'm two feet away from her. Even then, it's questionable.
  • My attempts to lessen our grocery bill while also buying more locally grown food is going well, I think. Jon is really making a good effort to pack his lunch rather than buy fast food (GAG) every day. I think our weekly grocery bill is less than it was a month or two ago. If nothing else I'm happy that I didn't buy a pound of peanut butter mousse and a candy bar on our trip to Meijer today.
  • I'm further pushed to improve my health habits by two things 1) my friend is running a 5 mile race in 3 weeks, and I'm toying with the idea of running it with her and her family. I've never run 5 miles in my life, even pre-baby and minus 25 pounds, so part of me is certain that I'm crazy. Another part of me knows that I can do this, and should do this, for multiple reasons. I ran 3.6 miles today, so that's a start. 2) I'm reading The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love. I'm enjoying it so much that I've zipped through it in almost less than a week, which is saying a lot when I'm concurrently keeping track of a nine month old. I'm finding it to be very inspiring, not just because it discusses a healthier way of eating, but also a healthier way of living. An added bonus: The librarian looked at me like I'm a pervert when she checked my book out for me. It's about farming lady, read the subtitle!

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