Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011: Amateur Updates

So I've been super lazy about posting lately. Frankly, I've had few ideas for new posts. Until the last couple of days, things had been running pretty smoothly in our household. It's been lovely. However, once you kind of get into a mommy groove where a daily routine is followed and life is not disrupted by teething, illness, something in your house breaking or blowing up, or some other major stressor, new ideas can be hard to come by. Not as fun for my readers, but like I said, it's been great for me.

I was going to write this nice post full of gratitude because of all the delightful things in my life lately, but while I'm still entirely grateful and feeling blessed, Amelia is sick for the second time in two weeks. UGH. And, there is a possibility that her top two teeth are coming through. DOUBLE UGH. So my already not so good sleeper has been a completely awful sleeper for the past three nights. The cherry on top being that she was up for an hour at 3 a.m. This is by far my least favorite sleeping affliction.

Therefore, because my brain is fuzzy with lack of sleep, all I can manage is listing the recent events in our life:
  • We'll start with Amelia. I think by far her most amazing development is her ability to feed herself and drink from her sippy cup. We've been giving her finger foods probably for the past six weeks, so this isn't completely new, but in the past week or so it's really struck me how amazing this is. We can chop up most of what's in our meal, put it on her tray, and she eats away. From completely helpless to I can feed myself in ten months is awesome. Watching Amelia develop continues to be my favorite part of mommyhood so far.
  • She continues to struggle with becoming very anxious and upset when I have to leave her, which is really hard on both of us. Luckily she has her select few favorite people that I feel entirely comfortable leaving her with and that she will not burst into tears and snot the second these people touch her. Despite being a huge mama's girl, as well as very stubborn, she also has a great little sense of humor. She often shakes her head no at anything, throws her sippy on the floor when she's done drinking (this isn't always funny-- but when she drops it on the poor dog's head, I definitely have to hide my giggles), and she loves to honk our noses. She also seems to be very social with other children, which I think is terrific. 
  • Jon and I have had lots of great things happen lately, mostly in the financial department. He got a nice bonus at work, we will soon be receiving a nice little sum from ODOT for a sliver of our land (and I might add, half of the sum they are giving us is for the dead tree on that land. Would life not be perfect if you always were paid to have your problems removed?), and we got a nice new flat screen TV with the gift cards Jon received for his birthday. 
  • I also have a new job pending. Thank you, God. While I love being home with Amelia, not having a second income is rather nerve wracking and something that causes a lot of anxiety for me on a daily basis. The bonus of this new job is that while I may have to work out of an office at first, I should be working from home within a year. Excellent. 
That's all that I have the attention span to update on for now. I was going to add a cute video of my little chunky monkey getting into mischief, but Blogger won't upload anything this morning, so I guess it will have to wait.

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