Monday, September 19, 2011

Simply Amazing

I've mentioned it before, and I've been especially reminded of it this weekend-- my favorite part of being a mom is watching Amelia develop. I find it simply amazing. Within the last week, my daughter has learned to turn herself in a different direction while sitting up, can crawl over things, has started doing this funny little downward dog pose (I think she's trying to figure out how to stand!), and last night she learned how to clap.

What I enjoy even more is that once Amelia learns how to do something, she has it down completely. The first time she really clapped was last night at my parents. Then this morning, there she was clapping in her exersaucer. She was almost as fascinated as I was. She'd clap then open her hands wide, staring at them in amazement. Then she'd clap again and squeal in delight. It totally made her waking up for the day at 4:15 a.m. worth it.

Maybe this isn't as spectacular as I try to make it sound. Perhaps parents that have three or four kids think this is no big deal and think that this is just a new parent thrill. I pretty much doubt that, though. If it was not truly amazing, then parents would not constantly quiz each other-- is she crawling yet? Speaking? Any teeth? Sometimes these questions are asked out of competition, but other times I know they are asked with this intention-- have you witnessed your child learn all these delightful and new things?

There are more elements to it like the surprise of it. Amelia will do the same things for a week or two, maybe longer at times. Then, BAM, much like this past week, she learns several new things at once. And, there is being able to witness the lightbulb moment when your child puts it all together. It's hard to describe the look on her face, but when Amelia understands a concept, there is this expression in her eyes that says "OOHHH!!!! THAT'S how I do it!"

I will admit that I completely suck at keeping track of these moments in her baby book. Most of it is blank from 3 months on. I randomly think with guilt at how I really need to record these moments for both Amelia and myself. Despite that, I will never forget the thrill of seeing her discover new things. It is, I think, why mothers endure the sleepless nights and selfless days. Because nothing, nothing,  is sweeter than this look on your child's face upon making a new discovery in life:

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