Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puppy Love

First, before I start today's post, did you catch my article on Curvy Girl Guide yesterday? No? Go there now, then come back, I'll wait...

OK, moving on. Today's topic is this:
Adorable. And let me tell you, I can imagine it's taking Molly a lot of effort at this point to love our kid. Our sweet Amelia has gone from petting Molly nicely and crying with a pouted lip when we tell her "No", to grasping fistfuls of fur and smiling at us when we tell her to be nice. Also, you may not know this, but our dog seconds as an obstacle that's meant to be crawled over. Amelia enjoys vaulting herself over at least a couple times per day, squealing as she does so. Molly avoids moving until the whole thing is done and then looks at me pathetically, as if she's ashamed that her life has come to this.

This patience with our one year old is why I am continuing to walk Molly on a semi-consistent basis, despite the dropping temperatures and whipping wind. When I don't walk her, she gives me the same sad look you see in the video. I equate her walks in the country to my mommy time and feel like she will probably lose her sanity if I don't take her.

So, you can see she's pretty much the best dog ever. A big lover. Gentle as can be. I think.

Yesterday, this happened:
Yes, that's my barn and indeed it's missing part of the roof. No good. Long story short, I contacted our insurance, they suggested a local construction company, and two hours later they were out to put a temporary tarp up to prevent our barn from becoming flooded.

Two men came to my door at about 4:30 p.m. with papers for me to sign for the work to be done. Molly barks in her typical defensive manner, I let them in while saying "Don't mind her, she's nice". The first offers his hand, she sniffs and lets him pass.

The second man? Not so lucky.

Molly blocked him from entering our kitchen and growled a growl that sent shivers up my spine. I told her to stop, it's OK, and she was not convinced. It was only a five minute interaction at most, but that man didn't make it past our kitchen. At some point, Molly ceased the growling, but as the men attempted to leave, this guy attempted to pet her again.

Are you stupid? My dog doesn't like you. If you lose your hand, I don't know what to tell you.

Molly apparently felt the same because she growled again, lower this time as if to say "Listen, buddy, I'm really serious. This is my mom, and my baby, and my dad isn't here to defend them. So if you even think about touching them, I will rip your testicles off."

I felt proud and freaked out at the same time. I can remember maybe one other time where Molly has not  immediately cozied up to someone new. And even that time, I know it was nothing like this. I was entirely freaked out until they left because I know she sensed something that wasn't right. I told Jon about the whole scenario when he came home and he showered her with love. We've always assumed that she wouldn't hurt a soul, but now that this has happened, I wouldn't bet on it. We're so blessed to have a dog that loves us and protects us.

Have you ever had an experience like this with one of your pets?


JAC1961 said...

Yes, I've had an exiperience like this with a former dog. : )

Still sorry about that Jon. lol

Nikki said...

Yes. My dog was always sweet to everyone, she was a very friendly dog. Except the man who lived upstairs from me was mean to his wife and kids, and could be heard yelling at them sometimes. My dog loved his kids, but every time he even tried to get near her, she growled a low deep growl and her fur would stand up. I always loved her for that :-)