Monday, January 23, 2012

Up and Down

Amelia continues to be sick. Although she seemed like she was almost completely over it about a week ago, the germs returned with a vengeance, and I finally had to surrender to take her to the doctor. She has been put on two different breathing machine medications to cope with her deep cough. The doctor hinted at the possibility that she could be cursed with asthma, which we are hoping she will outgrow, as many of my family members have.

Amelia attempting to get some congested zzz's
As such, I've been spending a lot of time holding down a displeased toddler to spray medications in her face. Ever the smart girl, Amelia crawls as fast as her little limbs will take her when she sees me unscrewing the mouth piece of her breathing machine in order to squirt the medication in. The rest of the ordeal entails me blaring Sesame Street in an attempt to distract her, and her whining every few minutes while trying to shove the apparatus out of her face.

All of this has not prevented her from continuing her path to being a wiggly, active little toddler. I haven't gotten any good video of it yet, but we are able to coerce her from the comfort of our foot rest at time and get her to take a few free standing steps. Ever the cautious child, she has been spending her time figuring out how to safely descend a piece of furniture for the event that she is brave/tall enough to start climbing things:

You may note that she is actually ordering her dad to lift her 'up'. I assume that this is only the beginning of her attempts to boss her parents around. Luckily, it's generally pretty cute at this point, unless she is being super whiny and bounces and cries when we don't put her on the couch right away. Also not cute? Her sticking her lip out in determination and shoving my laptop off my legs when I don't respond to her pleas immediately.

While she is driving me slightly nuts with her desire to be up monkeying around on our couch all the time, she is making up for it in a big way by continuing her love for canines. Her she is with our friend's dog:
And here she is giving our dog treats:
I was mostly excited that she wasn't trying to shove the dog treats in her own mouth, while Molly was excited that one more person in her life will be adding to her winter weight.

And now, I hear her stirring in our bed so I'm off for more sick child wrangling and other toddler adventures. Happy Monday!

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