Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Big Moment

My original plan today was to fill you in on how fabulously funny I find 13abc's Rebecca Regnier and how you can get her book about social media support FREE today. It's called the Twitter Diet, and I can't wait to download and read it. I had grand plans of posting some of her videos and sharing how I'm doing with my eating and exercising since I wrote my body image post Tuesday.

But then this happened:
Frankly, there is nothing that would trump me blabbing all over my blog that our daughter is FINALLY walking. I thought it was pretty spectacular when Amelia started cruising, but this is oh so much more enthralling, in case you can't tell from our laughter in the video. Not as funny? She went from walking a few steps around 5:30 to walking all the way across our dining room by 8:30:
Yes, well, I kept telling everyone that she is a cautious girl and would not be walking until she is completely confident that she won't get hurt. Apparently my theory was correct. It wasn't that she couldn't, she just wouldn't because, you know, safety first people.

And, I'll tell you my secret. Though I knew she was still perfectly within the developmental range for walking (I had read somewhere that any time from 9 months to 18 months is normal) and her nurse practitioner had no worries, I was getting a little impatient about the whole thing. There was that naggy little voice in the back of my head saying, 'Shouldn't she be doing this by now?' I mean, she will be 15 months tomorrow. And although most moms were not fazed by the fact that she was not completely mobile yet, I did get the occasional eyebrow raise that indicated she is a little late in the walking department (honestly, most of those eyebrow raises were dads. Interesting, isn't it?) This reaction would then get me started on how she is simply cautious and that while she hadn't hit this milestone yet, she is excelling in the verbal department.

So, now that she is walking, I can put my mama bear defenses away for now, and start putting baby gates up instead!


The Random Blogette said...

Yay! That is so exciting when they first start walking! Good luck. ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

Aww! Yay. It's so exciting when they first start walking!