Monday, April 9, 2012

A Basket Full of Illness

Since I last reported about Amelia's silly antics, things have gone downhill in our household. I was on Spring Break all last week so I had plans to take her to see a friend and then to my grandparents overnight. Alas, the morning that we were supposed to leave, Amelia got a fever. We cancelled our plans and my little peanut slept much of the day:

When she woke up, her fever had spiked again, but once Mommy made her cozy on the couch, she was happier:

The following day, the fever had disappeared, but she was in a bad mood, so we assumed maybe some molars had broken through. She whined and whined AND WHINED all day. By the time the evening rolled around, she was crying and unable to sleep soundly. She had developed a rash on her leg, which we had assumed was a bad case of diaper rash. By the next morning, it was clear we were wrong, as it had spread to her face and hands, as well as gotten scaley and spread to the size of a softball on her inner thigh.

Off to the doctor we went.

A tentative diagnosis and $60 worth of skin creams later, we were spreading Amelia in goop, changing sheets and doing laundry, and praying that this stuff was not as contagious as the doctor said it could be. So far, neither of us have gotten it, so I'm a little doubtful that it's what the doctor thought. The creams do seem to help and she is much improved by today.

Me? Not so much.

Saturday afternoon I developed horrible body aches and my throat started to hurt. We didn't go to church yesterday since Amelia looks like she has some sort of plague, and I felt like sitting up for a whole hour would be pretty unsuccessful. I hoped I would improve enough to head to my parents for our Easter meal, but we had to skip that too.

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty disappointed that I felt like hell on Easter. Even today, on my last day of break, I'm pretty sure that we are going to be mostly homebound since it feels like shards of glass are scraping down my throat when I eat. But moping about it does no good, so I'm going to suck it up and enjoy some good snuggle time with my little girl and perhaps take an afternoon nap. Who wouldn't want to cuddle up to this?
Loves Mama's linguine!
Wherever there's food and a toddler, Molly is sure to be close by!
You can see a little of her rash in this naptime pic.
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Angela said...

Wow that does not sound fun at all! :( I hope you both get feeling better real soon!!

Hillary said...

Was it Fifth Disease? Graham had that. By the time the rash breaks out, they're no longer contagious. I hope you both feel better soon!

The Random Blogette said...

Poor little nugget! Paige has been so sick lately that it is getting ridiculous. I think that she is finally on the mend but then my brother and SiL brought my niece to Easter with a horribly runny nose and a slight fever. I am just waiting for the next round now. So frustrating. I hope that you are starting to feel better now and Amelia too!


You all were dearly missed, but thank goodness Easter will come again next year! :) Hope you feel better soon.