Monday, November 7, 2011

The Numbers

Today is November 7th, and what I call my secondary anniversary. Fourteen years ago I sat in my parents driveway in Jon's black Dodge pick-up truck as we debated if we should 'go out' with each other. You know, like, be boyfriend and girlfriend and stuff. Fourteen years seems like a crazy long time when you put into perspective that I'm 30 years old. That's half my life, people. Not to say that it's been one seamless relationship without any breaks, but mostly, we've been a couple since high school.

All day I've thought about what kind of mushy things I could write about our relationship, but blah, isn't that boring? Then this afternoon I just could not stop thinking about fourteen years and how many events, emotions, celebrations, and upsets that includes. So here are the numbers...

In fourteen years, we've:
Been engaged twice
Married once
Shared one apartment and one house
Owned five different vehicles
Had five pets
Earned three college degrees
Attended one funeral
Attended many more weddings
Gotten in countless fights
Forgiven each other just as many times
Been separated by military trainings and deployment three times
Had one beautiful little girl

Christmas 2010
Happy secondary anniversary, darling husband <3

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