Sunday, February 12, 2012

Germs and the Verbal Explosion

Germs have struck again in our house, but this time they've attacked Mama. I had big plans this weekend to clean and play with Amelia lots, but then woke up yesterday morning congested and feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. I'm pretty darned disappointed. Nothing big happened this week to get me down, but it has been one of those weeks where little things have frustrated me and work has left me feeling like I'm constantly pushing my daughter's needs to the side. I couldn't wait till the weekend to turn my computer off and have some quality play time together. I did manage to drag myself down to the floor to help her with her farm puzzle and play ball, but generally it has been a snotty tissue and cartoon fest at my house, especially since my husband had to work yesterday.

Thankfully, although I think my cold is reaching it's peak today and I almost feel worse than yesterday, I did get to sleep in and Amelia got lots of play time with her daddy. This evening she is heading to my in-laws with him and I will get a lot of guilt free rest. Originally I had hoped to catch up on some sewing and writing projects, but as I sit here sniffling, I know that it would be best for my health and sanity to sit on the couch and watch a movie instead.

Meanwhile, in the land of mommyhood, Amelia has been learning new words at a dizzying pace. Tomorrow is her 15 month check-up (and shots-- UGH) so I'm interested to hear what the nurse practitioner says about how many words she can say. She was saying about 10 words at a year and we were told that is generally the 18 month expectation. Now she is up to about 25-30 words. Some of them are more sounds than words but we count them anyways. I had to write them down to figure out what the count is. Amelia can say: ball, book, keys, shoes, Daddy, Ma, dog, kitty, water (wa wa), done, up, down, Dora (duh-duh), backpack, belly, hands, hot dog (for the hot dog dance during Micky's Clubhouse), cookie, banana (bani), please (psss), hi, hello, bye, see ya (SEES!!), bird, and juice (which is actually the pedialyte we give her when she's sick), roll, peek-a-boo, choo choo (for trains), ta da! and beep beep (for cars-- sometimes she will say vroom vroom and car too).

As someone who used to work in a preschool through first grade school building, I mostly feel like this means she will be put on red a lot for talking when she starts school. However, I am also grateful that she seems to be developing as she should be. Although I think feeling proud of your child's developments is a good feeling to have as you watch your child grow up, I always try to reflect too on how grateful I am that she is happy and healthy so far.

Other than talking, Amelia also has been trying to figure out how to do things all by her big girl self, like brushing her teeth. So today I leave you with a picture of her in her big girl chair, maintaining her oral hygiene:

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