Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still A Peanut

Happy Valentine's Day! Frankly, I don't really care much about it, but I feel like it's my duty to at least say it once. The greatest gift that I could receive today has already been delivered, and that is that my cold seems to finally be improving. I actually got to sleep last night without my nose being constantly plugged or dripping. I always wonder how both can happen all at the same time, but really, I don't want to know the why's. I just want it to stop happening on my face.

On to other things. Last night was Amelia's 15 month check-up. She had a ball zipping around the waiting room and having everyone point and remark how cute she is. Once we were in the examination room, she was not a happy girl and let her nurse practitioner know that she was NOT pleased with being poked and prodded. Despite that, I'm happy to report that she is developing very well. She is ahead of schedule on many things, such as the amount of words she can say and knowing where several of her body parts are.

Even better news? One more shot at eighteen months and we are done till she starts school.

HALLELUJAH. I hate taking her in for baby torture.

In terms of size, Amelia is still our little peanut. She is 21 lbs 1 oz. (20th percentile) and 29 inches long (10th percentile) and her head circumference is 46.5 cm (66th percentile). We were shown her growth chart and although I still get all the time people commenting with slight looks of concern about how small she is, she is following the growth curve perfectly and her nurse practitioner said her weight for height is very good.

She is simply proof that good things come in small packages.
Playing with her new ball at the store-- it's almost as big as she is!


meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Glad you're feeling better!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

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