Friday, February 24, 2012


I'm having a bit of a rough week. Nothing absolutely horrid, just a bit of disorganized, mixed with family health problems and a dash of hormones sprinkled on top. All I can say is TGIF.

To add to it, I'm beginning to think our toddler is smarter than us. Most days, I find it humorous. Other days, I wonder if this is going to be a situation of survival where if we have more children, they will outsmart us and make us live in the root cellar while they take over the house.

Case in point: our television. We decided to finally be all modern like this past summer and get a flat screen TV. We followed this up by getting a satellite dish because OMG I couldn't stand the same episode of Sid the Science Kid one more time! It's fabulous and I would totally pay twice the amount just for the DVR feature.

Satellite TV means a new remote, and this is something that Amelia, like many toddlers, cannot resist. Anything with buttons on it she's likely to swipe and run off with, giggling and pressing away. I'm totally shocked that she hasn't mistakenly ordered porn yet.

What she has figured out how to do is change the configuration of our screen. Within a week of getting satellite, she had changed it to 'normal', 'zoom', and 'stretch'. At random, and with much exasperation from her parents.

It took us three months to figure out how to do this. THREE.

We both tried many times to go through the menu and figure it out, and each attempt would end with us muttering swear words under our breath. Each time, we would have renewed hope that we would have the power to change our screen so people's faces wouldn't be cut off.

Each time we failed.

FINALLY this week, I looked at the remote one more time, deciding that surely she was not getting all the way into the menu and selecting the precise option to change the screen. It had to be a single button on the remote.

After glancing at the remote and pressing three or four random buttons, I saw it, at the bottom. 'Format'. I held my breath and pressed it.


I'm so smart.

Just not as smart as a toddler.

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