Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Weekend Recap

Happy Monday after St. Patty's Day! I hope you are all over your hangovers and ready for the official start of spring. We have had very warm weather where we live and it pretty much feels like early summer. I think this is going to be disastrous later this summer when we are all sweltering in 110 degree heat, but since I have no control over the matter (wouldn't that be nice if you could control the climate just in your own yard?), we have been taking advantage of the warmth. For St. Patrick's Day, we spent the evening outside grilling and I got some sidewalk chalk out for Amelia:
Quite the artist, as you can see. This is the first day that she has been feeling confident enough to walk around in our driveway and yard without holding my hand (she has no desire to trip and fall over any large rocks or bumps in the lawn) and it gave me first glimpse of how much laundry I will be doing this summer.

The warm weather has also inspired me to do some spring cleaning, so I spent a lot of time boxing up clothes that don't fit Amelia and I, dusting, packing up baby stuff that is no longer used, and other miscellaneous tasks around the house. It was great to wake up this morning to a sparkling clean house. Now the challenge is to keep it this way! Meanwhile, Amelia followed me around with her toys 'helping' me. Her new fascination is push and pull toys that she can use while running around the house:
All of this 'work' really got her appetite going. I shared during my last post that she has learned how to say 'more'. As a big eater, this has really come in handy for her:
I'm in big trouble when she figures out how to open the refrigerator by herself, I think.

Finally, we ended the weekend by spending time at my parent's house. It was another nice day outside, so her grammy got out the bubbles and wagon so she could have fun in the yard. Of course, no St. Patrick's Day would be complete without a present from Grammy and Papa:
It's funny, I don't recall St. Patrick's Day being a gift giving holiday, particularly one where 5 foot stuffed bears are exchanged. Interesting how grandparents can make any occasion a time for spoiling little ones :)

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