Thursday, March 15, 2012

Joyful Days

For the last two nights, as Amelia has passed out in my arms, I've looked at Jon and said:

"Can't we just keep her this little forever?"

Both times he has shook his head and told me no. Boys, you can never get them to play along when you need them to.

She has reached this sweet age where she still loves to cuddle me, but can walk across the parking lot while holding my hand and can tell me when she needs many things. She has not yet reached tantrum age, is silly and happy most of the day, and seems to learn new words every day. Yesterday, it was 'more':
This was taken at the park, where we decided to celebrate the warm weather with sandwiches eaten on a picnic bench, followed by play time on the jungle gym equipment and a stroll through the grass:
There is no other way that I would have rather spent my evening. Apparently Amelia was pretty excited about it too, because although I assumed all of the activity would inspire her to fall asleep on the drive home, she stayed awake. When we arrived home, she ran all over the house shrieking.

This is another reason to love parenthood-- you always have reminders that it's the simple things in life that we should get pure joy from. Things like loving on your dog:

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Mrs Fergione said...

My husband is the opposite! Whenever I tell him Boston will be crawling soon, doing something new, etc. He looks at me and says no, he's going to stay this little forever. I just told him that's why you have more babies!!


Brittany Stewart said...

So cute!
I love those moments, I try to hold on to them as much as possible because sooner then you'd like she'll be running out the door to her friends without a second look. It's heartbreaking.
But I guess it's the way it has to go.
(That picture of her with your dog is amazing)

Hillary said...

So cute!!! G throws tantrums now and then - I'm hoping he's just ahead of the curve and will have outgrown them by 2, but I fear we just have a strong-willed little boy. I love that she was asking for more!