Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Young At Heart

Amelia is a Sesame Street addict. We have 22 episodes saved on our DVR and she's seen them all multiple times. Although only 17 months old, she can sit through an entire one hour episode without moving. I can generally judge what kind of day we're having by how many I let her watch by dinnertime. When she was sick recently, I believe we hit a record number of four episodes in one day. I have them all memorized. I know all the songs. And actually?

I love it.

When I envisioned being a mom, all of this 'childish' stuff was exactly what I was looking forward to. Watching cartoons together. Coloring. Playing tea party. I enjoy all of it. When I can take her to her first Disney movie at the theater, I'm pretty sure I will be giddy.

There are rare occasions where I realize that she isn't even paying attention to her cartoons, and I can watch real grown-up TV where they talk about current events and so forth. It takes me about five minutes to turn it back to PBS Kids.

Not because she's whining over it. More because I want to know which cartoons are playing at the moment.

What can I say?

I guess I'm just young at heart.

Here are a few of our (my?) favorite Sesame Street clips:

Who doesn't love Adam Sandler?

NANANANANAAAAAA!!!! Cracks me up every time!

Set your piggies free... we should all remember to get outside and let the grass tickle our toes :)

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Helene said...

Ah I totally love all that stuff too. That's probably part of the reason why I could be persuade into having another baby now that my eldest is 14 and, thinks he's too old to watch movies for kids; except of course when he can use his baby brother as an excuse.:D